Private Gyumri Cultural Tour

Private Gyumri Cultural Tour

Duration: 9-10 hours / Mileage: 270 km

This private tour is dedicated to the visit of Gyumri – the second largest city in Armenia and one of the main cultural centers of the Republic. Recently the only Catholic church in Armenia has been built here. By visiting the Museum of Urban Life, you will get acquainted with the daily life, culture and history of Gyumri. There will be a stop near the Black fortress, one of the most famous monuments in Gyumri. Built in 1834, it is included in the list of intangible monuments of history and culture of the city. Walking along the streets, you will pass by numerous old buildings and feel the spirit of 19th century architecture.

Gyumri is located in the north-western part of Armenia, in the middle of Shirak valley, 126 km far from Yerevan. From the ethnical point of view, it is the most colorful city in Armenia. The local traditions are deeply rooted here, national spirit is reflected in everything. Walking along the streets of old Gyumri one still seems to hear the voice of the smiths’ hammers, it seems that a cart will appear from the street corner and the carter will call to show around the city. The old houses, a part of which, fortunately, resisted the devastating earthquake in 1988, speak of the high architectural achievements of the city. These buildings are notable with their architectural solutions, combination of colorful stone and masterfully elaborated bas-reliefs. Gyumri has always been in the center of cultural events.

It is the museum of urban life and national culture of Gyumri, where the everyday life, culture and history of Gyumri are presented. This remarkable mansion was built by wealthy merchant Petros Dzitoghtsyan in 1872 from the famous red tuff of Shirak. The museum was founded in 1984 in this very building. It is included in the list of intangible monuments of history and culture of Gyumri.

Built in 1834, the Black Fortress is one of the famous monuments of Gyumri. The fortress is a complex of military and architectural buildings. In the central part there stands the Alexandropol Fortress with 3 gates, in the center – the layout of St. Alexandra church together with the southern and northern fortresses, serving as the General Protection Complex of Alexandropol. Underground roads were built for the Black Fortress and there were roads leading from the fortress to the present Mother Armenia Monument and the Red Fortress. Black Fortress is included in the list of intangible monuments of history and culture of Gyumri.

The iron fountain on the outskirts of Gyumri is jokingly called “UFO”. In fact, this is a fountain that was built in 1982 by architect Artur Tarkhanyan and operated for only six years. Artur Tarkhanyan is known primarily for such works as Tsitsernakaberd Memorial, Zvartnots Airport, Yerevan Youth Palace, etc. Tarkhanyan’s creative method is interesting with an amazing balance of architectural concepts. The Gyumri fountain is a vivid example of how functional the architect’s projects are. The iron structure, even without water supply, speaks very expressively about the function of the object. The metal sheets unfold like the wings of a butterfly, visually reproducing the elegant natural form while greatly reinforcing it with the materials used. The fact that it is practically the only architectural building preserved in the region after the devastating 1988 Spitak earthquake also testifies to the strength of the Friendship Fountain. In fact, the fountain stopped working after that, working only for six years. Today, the iron fountain of Gyumri is not an architectural monument protected by the state. Anahit Tarkhanyan, the architect’s daughter, started to restore the art piece, which due to its history has become an unofficial symbol of endurance for the people of Armenia. Even in this form, with rusted metals, this unique piece of art-art of the Soviet period does not cease to interest the guests visiting the city.

Name of the building: Friendship Fountain (Iron Fountain in Gyumri)

Architect: Artur Tarkhanyan

Construction time: 1982

Location: Gyumri, Armenia

Walking tour through the old streets of Gyumri.

Price per person

Number of people



120 USD


60 USD


40 USD


30 USD


25 USD


20 USD


  • Professional drivers
  • Air-conditioned vehicles
  • Bottled water
  • Free pick-up & drop-off within Yerevan
  • Vehicle & passengers insurance
  • Extra stops on the route upon request


  • Lunch
  • Gyumri Urban life museum entrance fee at 1500 AMD/ ~ 3.60 $ per person
  • Cultural guide service 49$



What to expect

  • Explore “the city of crafts and arts”
  • Immerse yourself in the depths of local traditions
  • Take a walk in the old streets of Gyumri, where the famous Armenian films were shot


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